Kamogawakan Traditional Japanese Cuisine

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Seasonal Discernment, Heartwarming Delectables

Finest Ingredients, Discerning Chef: Kamogawakan Tradition
The moment the freshest seasonal ingredients arrive, the chefs of Kamogawakan are overjoyed and grateful for the grace of nature.
This bounty of mountain and sea, blessings of Nagaoka’s proximity, allows a lasting tradition of Japanese cuisine and discernment that deliver the feast to our guest.
Memorable traditions also hail from our proud, local cooking lore, along with our wide selection of local sake. We always provide an extra bit of ingenuity in our presentation, too.

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Nods to History and Traditions of Hometown Nagaoka

Authentic Japanese cuisine is the hallmark of Kamogawakan, deftly accented with local preparations drawn from Echigo Nagaoka and always a fresh experience to our guests. For instance, sakura meshi (cherry blossom rice) was allegedly a favorite dish of Kawai Tsuginosuke, a nobleman of the Nagaoka Fief toward the end of the Edo Period. Kawai became a popular figure through the novel Toge (“toe-gay” meaning mountain pass) by Ryotaro Shiba. Receiving a request from a guest, Kamogawakan re-created sakura meshi based on Nagaoka’s feudal history. For a traditional rustic dish, our stewed codfish and daikon radish is highly popular local cuisine perfected with superb flavoring and a nostalgic, simple presentation.

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