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Dining Space:Relax in Spacious, Fully Private Rooms

Relax in Spacious, Fully Private Rooms
Our dining rooms at Kamogawakan are completely private. Spaciousness marks the ryotei style, a place to set aside the rushed daily routine.
Our proprietress is not just concerned about greeting and hosting you.
All pieces of the ambience—flowers, vessels, scrolls, and pictures—shape the most important time spent by our guests.

Cuisine Kamogawa Main House

The Main House provides a blissful respite for dining with a beautiful garden view. Nestled in the heart of Nagaoka city, this locally unmatched, luxurious space hosts celebrations, gatherings, and lunch meetings, loved by many for its all-around enjoyment that it provides.

Cuisine Kamogawa Annex

Cuisine Kamogawa Annex

The Annex flexibly hosts small groups, as well as large occasions in the Great Hall. The traditional Japanese ambience is well known for weddings and receptions and available with practical and comfortable table-and-chair arrangements.

Cuisine Kamogawa Annex

Ryurei Seating Table and Chair Dining

A new style of placement is Ryurei, an arrangement from Japanese tea ceremony utilizing tables and chairs. Kamogawakan provides tables and chairs in the ryurei style, which is available for any festive or memorial occasion at no extra charge. Our guests can enjoy an even more comfortable dining experience. The arrangement is perfect for weddings with seating for any small group and up to 65 guests.

Western Table in Japanese Room Traditional Japanese ambience with chairs and table

Dining with table and chairs is also available in our traditional Japanese rooms. Consider an engagement party with the bride-to-be in kimono, a business meeting for a guest from overseas, or an entertainment occasion. The time spent is Japanese style, gently comfortable and pleasurable.

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